Majority Vote Cascading

This is the supplementary material for "Majority Vote Cascading: a Semi-Supervised Framework for Improving Protein Function Prediction" by John Lazarsfeld, Jonathan Rodriguez, Mert Erden, Yuelin Liu and Lenore J. Cowen

A preprint of the paper can be found here.

Supplementary Tables can be found here.

Data used in the paper are as follows:

S. cerevisiae PPIs from BioGRID with confidence values
D. melanogaster PPIs from BioGRID with confidence values

MIPS annotations for S. cerevisiae:

Informative GO annotations (see paper for methodology details):

The code used for this paper (as well as all other supplementary material) can be found at this github link.

Code used to generate cDSD matrices can be found on the cDSD website.