Pathway centrality in protein interaction networks identifies functional mediators of pulmonary disease

1. Full experimental results in excel file format:
     This file contains pathway centrality scores for gene sets with significance of the scores assessed by permutation. There are three spreadsheets, one for each collection of gene sets: biological process (bp) in the Gene Ontology, KEGG pathways and mammaliam phenotype (mp) data from the Mouse Genome Database.

2. Venn diagram for disease gene sets and differentially expressed genes:
     This file contains two Venn diagrams: one shows overlap between disease genes of 3 pulmonary diseases (Asthma, BPD, COPD) and genes on chromosome 21, and the other shows overlap between differentially expressed genes in samples with 3 pulmonary diseases and Down syndrome.

3. Plots of probabilities that a pathway with low pcent(S) value is more likely to have a low pmed(S) value as well:
     This file contains R-plots showing pcent(S) against deciles of pmed along with a linear regression line. There are 12 graphs for 3 pulmonary diseases (Asthma, BPD, COPD), Down Syndrome, and 3 collections of pathways (BP, KEGG, MP).

4. Cytoscape session files displaying topology of 5 common mediating pathways of 3 pulmonary diseases:
     Asthma.cys, BPD.cys, COPD.cys

     Each network displays shortest paths between disease genes and differentially expressed, passing through the listed pathways. between disease genes and differentially expressed genes.