Inferring Mechanisms of Compensation from E-MAP and SGA Data Using Local Search Algorithms for Max Cut

Leiserson, M., Tatar, D., Cowen, L., and Hescott, B. (2010)

Department of Computer Science, Tufts University

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Cite: M. Leiserson, D. Tatar, L. Cowen and B. Hescott, "Inferring Mechanisms of Compensation from E-MAP and SGA Data Using Local Search Algorithms for Max Cut," Recomb 2011, pp. 154-167.


BPMs & Modules
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Imputed: BPMs | Modules | Show Info
Boone (Collins Genes): BPMs | Modules | Show Info
Boone (All Genes): BPMs | Modules | Show Info
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Datasets Used

Genetic Interactions
ChromBio E-MAP: Download | Reference: [ 4 ]
Imputed ChromBio E-MAP: Download | Reference: [ 5 ]
MAP-K E-MAP: Download | Reference: [ 6 ]
S. Pombe E-MAP: Download | Reference: [ 7 ]
Boone SGA: Download | Reference: [ 8 ]
Physical Interactions
BioGRID: Download | Show Info | Reference: [ 9 ]
Ulitsky et al.: Download | Show Info | Reference: [ 1 ]
Expression Data
Hibbs et al.: Download | Show Info | Reference: [ 10 ]


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