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The Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Seminar Series hasn't met as a regular series in a couple of years. We used to meet is meeting on alternate Thursdays from 5-6pm in Halligan 111. The organizers were faculty members Lenore Cowen , Donna Slonim , Anselm Blumer, Catherine Freudenreich, Juliet Fuhrman, David Kaplan and Giovanni Widmer. We were sponsored by a special grant from the School of Engineering at Tufts University. All talks were open both to the extended Tufts community and to members of the general public-- watch this space for when we resume again (Probably not until 2012 :-)

Here are Directions to Halligan Hall. After 4pm you can just park (for free) in the lot across the street if you are coming for our seminar (it's staff parking only during the day). (If you arrive on campus before 4pm, we suggest you park in the visitor parking lot around the corner on Boston Ave.)


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