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Faculty, research and industry positions
  • Victor Arsenescu (Computer Science M.S., 2022) Software engineer at Raytheon Technologies
  • C. Michael Pietras (Computer Science Ph.D., 2020), biomedical data scientist at Paradigm4
  • Rebecca Newman (Computer Science M.S., 2019), software engineer at Verily Life Sciences
  • Jisoo Park (Computer Science Ph.D., 2017), postdoctoral fellow at UCSD
  • Jake Crawford (Computer Science M.S., 2017), Ph.D. student at University of Pennsylvania
  • Mengfei Cao (Computer Science Ph.D. 2016), staff scientist at Amazon Research
  • Noah Daniels (Computer Science Ph.D. 2013), assistant professor at URI
  • Shilpa Kobren (Computer Science B.S., 2011), postdoctoral fellow, Harvard Medical School
  • Max Leiserson (Computer Science B.S., 2007), assistant professor at UMD
  • Andrew Fox (Computer Science, Ph.D. 2010), bioinformatics associate investigator at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
  • Sevin Turcan, (Biomedical Engineering Ph.D., 2010), research scientist at the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg
  • Xintao Wei, (Computer Science, Ph.D. 2010), research associate at the University of Connecticut Medical School
  • Keith Noto (Bioinformatics Postdoc, 2012), manager of Computational Genomics at
  • Alex Holman (Genetics, Ph.D. 2007), bioinformatics scientist at Foundation Medicine
  • Jackie Lane (Genetics Ph.D., 2011), research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Bruce Wollison, (Bioinformatics M.S., 2013), bioinformatics analyst at the Dana Farber Center for Cancer Genome Discovery
  • Anoop Kumar (Computer Science, PhD, 2010) senior computer scientist at the Information Science Institute, USC

Many of our undergraduate and MS alumni go on to top graduate schools, including Princeton, Brown, USC, MIT, and Johns Hopkins. We have also had graduates move on to industry positions at places like Amazon, Google, Goldman-Sachs, and Dreamworks.