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The Tufts BCB research group is focused on the application of computational, mathematical, and statistical methods to the solution of practical biomedical problems.

Based in the computer science department, with ties to the Engineering School, Medical School, Tufts Medical Center, Veterinary School, Nutrition School, and the School of Arts and Sciences, we're a great place for Ph.D., Masters, and undergraduate research programs in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

All of us share a research interest in computational approaches to understanding and characterizing biological networks. In addition, Slonim's research interests include translational medicine, clinical pharmacogenomics and transcriptomics, while Cowen has a longstanding interest in computational structural biology.

We welcome visitors: come meet us, attend or speak at one of our group meetings, etc.

Mert and John with Prof Cowen at ACM BCB 2019
Winter 2019 Group Photo
Field Trip to the Boston Museum of Science
Summer 2017 Group Photo